Part three:

THE Determined DUCHESS

Married to a man she loathes, who has lied to and deceived her, Marie-Catherine avoids and ignores him as much as she can and is a lonely, embittered woman with only her dog for comfort. She has wealth and status and her family are cared for, but without any love in her life she is still desperately unhappy.  Moreover, headstrong and wilful as ever, and angrier than she has ever been, she wants to pay back her detested husband in any way she can and the more she infuriates him, the more it satisfies her. Until, one memorable, shocking night at St James’s Palace, in front of the Royal Family and cream of Society, an urgent message comes from France and everything changes.

Disregarding the danger she is undoubtedly heading into, Marie-Catherine has to confront her nightmares once again and risk her life to help rescue people from Normandy; but if it means helping The Shadow deal with the ruthless Edgar Bernheim and Pierre Dupont, she can’t help herself, she simply has to go. Nothing and no one will stop her; she is determined. But will she be in time and the reality is, what can she do against a group of brutal and vengeful men? After all, isn’t she just a mere woman…?

Part 4: The Dangerous Harlot