Part two:


She’d nearly lost her life but had survived, thanks to The Shadow. However, now in London, Marie-Catherine de Mornay is bereft, heartbroken and angry. Her distrust of men has been compounded by the smuggler she’d finally lost her heart to: he’d broken his promises, abandoned her, and for all she knew he could be dead, given who he was and his profession.

She tells herself she has to move on and be practical. That means finding a wealthy husband who will be willing to help support her refugee family. Although an aristocrat by birth, she is a foreigner without a dowry and with only her looks to commend her, Marie-Catherine knows her task isn’t going to be easy. Also, whether she can find someone she cares about enough to tie herself to for a lifetime she doubts, but it has to be done.

Once again, Marie-Catherine is determined to succeed in what she sets out to do and so starts to look for a man she can finally put her trust in, even if she doesn’t love him. But will she find one and can any man really be trusted? Even her beloved brother?

Part 3: The Determined Duchess