Antoinette George: Reinvigorating the saga genre for the twenty twenties

I’ve always loved reading escapist literature, right from when I was a teenager, but I never got into writing novels until a few years ago. It all started while I was sitting on a train commuting to work in London, but since then, it’s insidiously taken over my life and the stories just seem to keep coming.

I love each one of my heroes and as each book finishes, I can’t wait to start writing the next, about another one of the characters, so I can tell their story too.

I live on the south coast of England, in Sussex, near the seaside, and one of my favourite occupations is sitting in my garden on a lovely summer’s day, a glass of wine to hand and watching my cat laze around in the sunshine while I sit and write.​

History has always fascinated me and I love travelling to visit interesting places, especially those with lots of old streets and buildings to wander around, and imagine the events that took place there centuries before. A lot of the locations of the stories or events in my books are as a result of places I’ve been to and experienced for myself… except nothing so exciting ever happened to me when I was there!

… And I really did find a USB stick one day on a long train journey, just like Alex Carmichael in Soldier Banker, and felt compelled to have a look at its contents, being the curious individual I am;  but they were very boring, so I simply handed it in to Lost Property Office when I arrived at my destination and never heard anything further…. unlike Alex!

Have a look at some of the places I visited in the past few years… I couldn’t wait to get home and start writing about some of them…